Hello and welcome to my website.

I am an abstract landscape artist based in Hampshire. I have a love of the historical aspects and geography of the United Kingdom - the coastline, old harbours and more especially, the idea of the ancient ways and hedgerows which criss-cross our land.

Through line, mark-making and colour, I express a sense of this; although my abstract landscape paintings are begun with little thought or intention, rather a series of gestural movements of brush or pallet knife, executed quickly.

As each mark is laid down a further response is summoned. Gradually layers are built up until at some point a ‘soul’ begins to emerge, when a more considered approach is required: small details are drawn in, edges are blurred or hardened, shapes are refined and small jewels of colour added, while ‘excavations’ into the layers reveal lost treasures.

I feel that by depicting landscapes of the UK as abstract paintings, rather than the somewhat limiting realistic form, the viewer may develop their own narrative or story of what is before them. Thus the abstract painting is a journey of exploration and discovery to hold interest and be enjoyed for years to come.

Best wishes, Vivien.