I know that when we’re seeking art to enjoy in our home, our choice of paintings makes an important statement about us. Of course it reflects our love and appreciation of fine art, but in a much deeper sense it is an extension of our own distinct character.

 Art brings life and soul into the warm and safe haven that we love; it completes our unique living space where we welcome our friends and where we proudly display our collected pieces. We are worthy of unique paintings!

I paint from my life; from my heart and my soul: I have no degree in art. As a young person I arrived at a crossroads: go to art school or go sailing?  I chose sailing.   After many years at sea, I married, then land-based, began a creative life.

My paintings are abstract imaginings, interspersed with distorted visual imagery drawn from the flavours and feelings of my unconventional previous life; the ever-changing colours in the water and the sky, the weather, coastlines and the ancient landscape and geography of the British Isles.

When you buy one of my paintings you can be sure that it is authentic and uniquely yours: I do not make prints from my original work.